The exhibition at Bankley Gallery Manchester marked the initiation of the Not Photography project, a presentation of curatorial practice that considers ‘the photographic’ within contemporary art practice. The show proposes ‘the photographic’ as a particular quality or experience of an artwork that relates to the materials, creation and actions of photography, even though it may not be a photograph or be made using a camera.

Works have been selected that span a diverse approaches to making; encompassing sculpture, 3D modelling, performative intervention and photography itself. The works engage with established disciplinary concepts whilst contributing to an ever-expanding field of photographic practice.

A trace of light as a record of existence, dissolution of boundaries between the real world and virtual environments, the idea of the copy or the duplicate and material qualities of images that foreground their nature as objects as well as the potential for images to take on sculptural qualities. These are all aspects explored through the show celebrating the mutability of photography through a provocative call for its negation.

David Penny & Sylvia Waltering

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